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AMD CEO on Competing in AI against Nvidia
  #AMD #CEO Lisa Su says the #AI #chip market is wide open despite #Nvidia's lead. She considers AI's growth still in the early stages, with opportunities across cloud, enterprise and edge. AMD aims to compete through its new MI300 chip and open software approach. At this year's Code Conference, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su discussed the AI revolution and competing with rival Nvidia. In an interview, Su touched on AMD's efforts to meet demand for GPUs needed to run large AI models. She acknowledged Nvidia's leading position with its new H100 chip, but said AMD is working on a competitive product called MI300 for AI workloads like training large language models. On the software side, Su advocated for an open approach using frameworks like PyTorch rather than proprietary stacks like Nvidia's CUDA. This allows developers flexibility to run on different hardware. Su said AMD's goal is for the best chip to win through seamless software that can run across vendors. She sees the opportunity to work with cloud providers to optimize for these open frameworks. Su argued the AI market is changing so rapidly that competitive moats are fleeting. With AI still in its early innings, she views the growth opportunities over the next decade as massive, spanning cloud, enterprise and edge use cases. Su believes AMD's technical roadmap positions them well to compete in this accelerating market against rivals like Nvidia. Highlights: - AI chip market has huge growth ahead across sectors despite Nvidia's current dominance - AMD working on competitive MI300 chip and open software approach - Rapid pace of AI innovation makes competitive moats fleeting - Massive decade-long growth opportunity remains in early innings AMD's CEO makes a compelling argument that the AI chip race is still wide open, with AMD poised to challenge Nvidia's lead. But some analysts see Nvidia's head start in AI as a formidable advantage. What do you think? Can AMD overcome Nvidia's momentum in this exploding market? Share your perspectives on AMD and Nvidia's prospects in the comments.